About us

We are technical writers in the European Union!

Some words about me

My name is Toma Kashamov and I created techwriters.eu from scratch. I am a technical writer with 17+ years experience in the field, as of Oct 2023.

I have great enthusiasm for writing poetry and short stories as well as technical content and simple lines of code. One of my passions is transferring knowledge to others.

You can view a brief description of my journey in IT technical writing by browsing my CV templates on the Portfolio page.

Initially, I will be the only technical writer, fully dedicated to TechWriters.eu and the rest of the team will be participating with cameo contributions.

Knowledge section

Still in the works, the Knowledge section will contain samples that showcase what we can do. The content in our portfolio and knowledge sections display different ways to present documentation and information. For starters, it's just a blog space and a space with a few demo widget pages.

We believe in the benefits of education and hope to provide more free tools and sources of useful information.

A responsive pine tree

The content for this space is not complete, so here's a responsive pine tree instead.

Be nice to our planet, keep it green and clean, plant a tree.