Welcome to techwriters.eu!

This site is still under construction...

Who we are

We are a small team of technically knowledgeable writers led by Toma Kashamov, an expert in the field.


We compose, edit, deliver and maintain technical content for the IT community. Whether you call us technical writers or technical authors, or technical communicators, that's us.

We innovate, improve and organize tech docs for any piece of software, whether intuitive or complex to use.

Our mission

We offer the entire spectrum of technical writing services. In the beginning, techwriters.eu will hold a simple portfolio showcasing some CVs, a blog and different approaches to technical docs with example doc portals. Eventually, we will demo some doc portals.

Our way with documentation is: keep it simplified, well-structured and consistent.

We embrace latest technology trends for best results. Whether you wish to refresh your portal, update your existing documentation, or restructure your library, we have the expertise. We also consult on technical documentation strategy and content management.

Your benefits

We make documentation better! Our portfolio is not complete yet. See our blog articles to get a sense of what we do.

Visit our What we do section to see details on our services.