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Quick list to tech writing links

A brief introduction to some of the popular tools and websites we used for creating TechWriters.eu.

Welcome to TechWriters.eu! I'm not getting easily tired of typing that sentence.

Disclaimer: Initially , this article will just contain several links. Gradually, I will add more meaningful content, that will answer some questions like:
How did we come up with TechWriters.eu or why do we love W3.CSS? It will build up to a meaningful article.

Useful resources for technical writers

So, there are a few categories I put the resources into. Every single one of these links has helped me build TechWriters.eu.

HTML and tech writing

HTML is the widely popular markup language for structuring web page content.

CSS and styling tech content

Some would argue tech writers do not need to style their docs because we have tools to do that for us. However, CSS is still an unexplored land and it offers some amazing simplistic visuals that are perfect for technical documentation, representation and direction of focus.

JS and interactive tech content

Usually, Javascript (and its various incarnations) are not a must-have for the toolbox of a tech writer. However, with advancement of doc-as-code platforms, some knowledge on scripting languages definitely helps. Javascript (widely known as JS) is a scripting language that is intended to execute on the client side and runs natively across all major web browsers.

Charsets and symbols

Some people do not even understand what charsets are and how they are used but they are important when it comes to presenting content on the web. Symbols (icons) have added far more artistic nuance to content. Here are some useful references on charsets and the most popular symbol fonts on the web.

  • HTML charsets - learn about the use of Unicode, UTF-8, ASCII and some cool symbols
  • Font awesome - you either love it or love it;, no other way around; we used ver 4.7.0 with 675 free icons but there is ver 6 as of Oct. 2023 with 2025 free icons
  • Material symbols - a variety symbols provided by Google under the Apache 2.0 license, which makes 3,062 glyphs in total free for non-commercial use
  • Bootstrap icons - yet another set of more than 2,000 cool icons you can try out

A typewriter offers a limited number of characters and usually you can use it for one type of alphabet only, e.g. Latin.


Final words

As the sole bearer of the name Toma Kashamov, I built TechWriters.eu from scratch, using raw HTML, CSS, a bit of JS, and markdown. I've utilized a few W3.CSS themes for different sections in this website.

However, it is the team who reviewed and helped shape the content here. Enjoy our blog section.

Oh, lest we forget, I want to remind you all: coding is fun! I love to explore different and simplistic ways to present technical content to make it more effective and interactive.

In valuable content we trust

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An inspiring quote: live your life as you would write your docs: be precise, consistent, and on point.